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Can Do With Bill Duncliffe

The Return of Abby Fuller Part 1
April 7, 2020

Abby Fuller is back with Bill! Join them as they discuss racing today and some of the sights into the future of the sport .

The Sal And Bob Show

The Sal & Bob Show

Ghislaine Maxwell, The Royal Family, and More With Guest Eric Jackman
April 7, 2021

Sal and Bob talk about the last game of the Men's NCAA March Madness tournament before calling their guest, Eric Jackman. Not only is Eric Bob's cousin, but he is also one half of the Jackman Radio podcast which dives into all the topics on this episode.

Eric dishes on the latest Ghislaine Maxwell news and the weird connection she has to the Royal Family and more. Be sure to check out his podcast "Jackman Radio" available on all platforms now.

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The Obtuse Angles Podcast with Kyle and Jeremy

Stupid Pranks, Extra Wieners & Serial Killers: Sexy April Stories
April 6, 2021

April fools day has passed but rest your worried head, dear listener, things are still getting kooky. This week, the boys are talking extra wieners, wacky pranks, and their burning hatred for Door Dash. it's Sexy April Stories!

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Stewart Huff's Obsessive Curiosities

Hanlon Brothers!
March 17, 2021

In this episode, Stewart, Matt Holt, Peter-john Byrnes and Tom Simmons discuss a VERY cool promotional poster for a traveling production from long ago! Really cool stuff here!

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This Better Be Good

Mank (Pt. 1)
December 10, 2020

Part 1 of 2! David Fincher returns to filmmaking with a movie his father wrote! Your hosts/comedians Mike Logan and Gerrit Elzinga's review the Netflix film all about the controversial conception of Orson Welles' landmark film, "Citizen Kane." This movie is called, "Mank," and it's filled with some heavy-hitting actors (Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Tom Pelphrey, Arliss Howard, Tuppence Middleton, Tom Burke, Charles Dance). But... the most important question looms - is this movie any good?

An Evening With The Authors podcast logo

An Evening With The Authors

Who's the Boss?
May 17, 2020

Dana Glass confronts the show's sponsor T. Spoon Safflower and things get complicated.