An Evening With
The Authors *

* Fake Authors. Fake Books. Real Funny.

Fictitious public radio host Dana Glass presents live readings from a colorful array of characters.

The show is strange, sometimes dark, often ridiculous and always hilarious.

Season 3 Episode 9
Who's the Boss?
May 17, 2020

Dana Glass confronts the show's sponsor T. Spoon Safflower and things get complicated.

Featuring: Isaac Landfert and Jonathan Pfendler

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Previous Episodes

Season 3 Episode 8
A Different Tune
May 3, 2020

Fictitious public radio host, Dana Glass, presents readings from a man who writes short short stories, a barbarian warlord and a mechanical dinosaur.

Featuring: Isaac Landfert, Austin Reel, Sam Griswold and Holly Brooke.

Season 3 Episode 7
April 19, 2020

Podcasts collide as public radio host Dana Glass interviews conspiracy theorists and hosts of the TRUTHcast, Thomas Luge and Lil' Dickie Rickets.

Featuring: Isaac Landfert, Mike Bobbitt and Alex Bozinovic

Season 3 Episode 6
Owning the Libs
April 5, 2020

The show's new sponsor forces Dana to conduct an interview with Youtube celebrity Brent Terhune "the Redneck You Love to Hate".

Featuring: Isaac Landfert and Brent Terhune

Season 3 Episode 5
Nothing is Free
March 22, 2020

In this episode, Dana learns that if someone finances your show, you pretty much have to do what they want. Guests include a journalist that was finally published, a home goods peddler with a surprise, a filthy cretin and a woman who lets you choose your own disaster.

Featuring; Isaac Landfert, Pauline Shypula, Joe Bates and Gwen Sunkel

Season 3 Episode 4
Noir, Reviews and the Mysteries of Pickles
March 8, 2020

Things are going well at WBPPR studios as Dana optimistically introduces readings from a critic that is more than he appears, a woman who seems confused about most things and a security guard who brings his reality to fiction or the other way around.

Featuring: Isaac Landfert, Stephen Vincent Giles, Stephanie Weber and Nathan Woodard

Season 3 Episode 3
Feb 23, 2020

Fictitious public radio host, Dana Glass, welcomes guests into the WBPPR studios for in depth discussions of the dangers of plagiarism and the sister of a (not so?) famous animal expert's unique passion for rocks.

Featuring: Isaac Landfert, Joe Bates and Katie Hetlage

Season 3 Episode 2
Feb 9, 2020

Fictitious public radio host, Dana Glass, presents readings from a petty detective, the inventor of the animated boob jiggle, a mermaid and a upbeat man who can't stop crying.

Featuring: Isaac Landfert, Sam Griswold, Jonathan Pfendler, Mariah Anglin and June Dempsey

Season 3 Episode 1
Jan 27, 2020

In the season 3 premiere, Dana Glass presents readings from a former child cereal mascot, a poet from the past that warns of the future, a man who spent his youth hunting ghosts with his dog and woman who definitely isn't lonely.

Featuring: Isaac Landfert, Pauline Shypula, Austin Reel, Pj Jacokes and Mandee McKelvey

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